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Latest News

  • Leigh Goodwin, assistant to the AOG Mission Director,  and a group of Mattersey Hall students recently returned from Iceland where they had been on mission. Leigh tells us more about Iceland.

    Iceland has been largely neglected in our mission focus because we see it as first world and Christianized. Iceland may be a relatively prosperous European nation but the reality is that it is very needy spiritually. The idea that Iceland is Christianized arises from the fact that so many Icelanders are confirmed in the state Lutheran church, however most of them have no concept of having a personal relationship with God through Christ. Iceland is largely secular or reverting back to a growing interest in traditional Nordic gods. 


New Website

Welcome to our brand new website! You'll find all the content we had on the old site plus a whole lot more and our brand new look.

If you're an AOG leader remember you can log in to the site using the button on the top right to access a whole load of resources and information just for you.

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