Recommended Resources 2013

John Partington has a BRAND NEW book out - Defeating the Giants identifies the giants that Christians have to face, and shows you have to overcome them. It will be out on amazon and kindle next week, but you can get your hands on an advance copy by emailing Sarah James here.

John Partington recommends:

  • Living the Dream by Dave Smith (Peterborough) who is the pastor of the church where we holding this years AoG Conference. It is a great book on lessons from the life of Joseph.
  • The World in 2013  pub. by the Economist giving an excellent overview of all matters pertaining to planet Earth. A must read for all leaders, though not a "Christian" book.
  • Jolt by Phil Cooke, an outstanding book that helps to revolutionize one's thinking particularly in a fast changing world and society. Brilliant!

Phil Pye recommends:

  • Circle Maker by Mark Batterson, A call to bold audacious praying.
  •  Humilitas by John Dickson, Writing to the oft neglected virtue of humility.
  •  Strategic Church by Frank Damazio, Seasoned Bible Teacher Frank Damazio encouraging an intentional approach to prevailing church.
  • Leaders Who Last  - Dave Kraft, Learning to live and lead differently.
  • Bible 60 - Andy Peck, a look at the narrative of the Bible in sixty snapshots.
  • Letters to the next Generation Leaders - Phil Pringle, Pastor Phil Pringle passes on advice and thoughts to the next generation.
  • Faith Hope Love and Everything in Between - Mick Brooks, a book giving you a deeper understanding of how the process of discipleship works in your life; how every situation comes to make you more like Jesus.

Gary Rucci recommends:


  • Glocalisation, Bob Roberts Jr, The follow on book from 'Transformation'. The work of the church needs to move from the pulpit to the pew. Like never before our congregations have unprecedented opportunities to influence the world. Includes true stories of how transformed people are creating glocal impact. Bob leads the Northwood Church in Dallas and has planted more than 100 churches.
  • Fascinating times: A Social Commentary, Mal Fletcher. A great book examining our world in it's current state.


  • Triple Jeopardy for the West, Michael Nazir-Ali, considering the impact aggressive secularism, radical islamism and multiculturalism are having on the western world and particularly in Britain. 

NEW: Ian Williams Recommends:

Deep and Wide - Andy Stanley, creating churches unchurched people love to attend.

Built to last - Jim Collins, Successful habits of visionary companies

Good to great - Jim Collins, Why some companies make the leap...and some don't.

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