Assemblies of God has a rapidly developing Chaplaincy Ministry.

A growing number of AoG Ministers and lay Church Members are serving God in such diverse places as prisons, hospitals, schools & the armed forces. The work is pastoral, offering compassion and a listening ear, but also affirming and encouraging, bringing an informed Christian view to the places that we visit and people we meet. Our aim is to care for people at their point of need, communicating the love of Christ in a compassionate and practical way.

AOG does not directly employ Chaplains but provides endorsement for our Ministers to work as Chaplains. Endorsement for NHS and Prison Chaplains is through our membership of the Free Churches Group and for Armed Forces Chaplaincy is through the United Navy, Army and Air Force Board.

AoG work in partnership with Elim Pentecostal and Apostolic Church UK.

Chaplains Foundation Course (CFC)

The CFC is a valuable & comprehensive introduction to the work & role of Chaplain. It is open to and will benefit all, experienced or new, young or old. Please see details below!

Introducing the AoG Chaplaincy Contacts:

David Spademan is the National Chaplaincy Representative for AOG. He is employed full time as a Managing Chaplain in a public sector prison. David is part of the steering group for Free Church Chaplaincy in HM Prison Service. 

David can be contacted by

As part of embedding Chaplaincy in AoG the Area Leaders have appointed Chaplaincy Representatives onto their teams. The AoG Chaplaincy Team members are:

Central Area Chaplaincy Representative 
Janelle Kingham    

London + East Area Chaplaincy Represntative
Aaron Berko      

North Area Chaplaincy Representative
Andrew Georgiou  

Scotland Area Chaplaincy

Wales Area Chaplaincy
Representative Simon Curgenven

West Area Chaplaincy Representative
David Fiddy     

National Chaplaincy Representative
David Spademan

For contact information – please click on to the contacts tab below.

Keeping in touch

We seek to keep this webpage up to date with useful information. Please follow us on twitter where we will provide details of vacancies for chaplaincy posts as they are made known to us. We also have a Facebook Page.

Twitter - AoG UK Chaplains

Facebook - AoG  UK Chaplains

Useful Information

Chaplaincy Leaflet


Chaplaincy Contacts

Introducing the AoG Chaplaincy Contacts:

The team is led by David Spademan who is the National Chaplaincy Representative for AoG. David is a member of the Free Church Federal Council (Free Churches Group) who endorse the Free Church Chaplains that work in HM Prison Service (England and Wales) and NHS Chaplains (England and Wales). Other team members provide expertise and advice from their employment as Chaplains in specific sectors:

John Baptiste – Armed Forces Chaplaincy
Mobile: 07962 084 805

Dave Russon – Health Care Chaplaincy
Phone 07789 872 697

Steve Brown – Prison Chaplaincy (Adults)
Phone: 01913 323 603

John Butcher – Police Chaplaincy
Phone: 07814 573 067

Howard Drysdale – Sea Chaplaincy
Phone: 07754 141 076

Andrew Georgiou – Prison Chaplaincy (Young Offenders)
Phone: 01937 544 325 (work), 07946 246 136 (mobile)

Bob Paterson – Prison Chaplaincy (Scotland)
Phone: 01506 870 500 ext 3606 (work), 07799 445 743 (mobile)

David Spademan – Prison Chaplaincy (Adults) Phone: 07947 216 293

For general enquires, email David Spademan For sector specific enquiries contact the nominated team members whose details are on the relevant tabs.

Useful Links

Free Churches Group – Prison Chaplaincy Vacancies

Free Church Chaplains working in prisons in England and Wales have to be endorsed by Bob Wilson Bob works for the Free Churches Group as Faith Advisor to the National Offender Management Service (NOMS).

All Free Church prison vacancies are advertised on the Free Churches Group Website.

Chaplain's Conference

Tuesday 26 - Wednesday 27 September 2017

The tears, the confusion, the grief of a broken world is the daily encounter of chaplains. We bring the loving presence of Christ to impossible situations. Chaplains do not fear the dark places of human society; they know the one who is the light of the world.

This chaplains conference is open to pastors, church members and delegates who want to explore chaplaincy ministry.

As chaplains, it is our high privilege to love and to lead the people in our care. It is our responsibility to pray for, to serve, to care and to extravagantly love them. Chaplains must be willing to invest in self-care too!

We believe attendance should be a priority for every chaplain and will prove to be a wise investment of your time and resources. Remember that your organisation may be willing to fully or partly fund your attendance from their training budget.

This annual conference is a brilliant time for pastors and members of our churches who are involved in chaplaincy, it is also designed for individuals who are interested in getting involved.

Alongside the programme and speaker line-up, the opportunity to build friendships and meet up with others who are passionate about chaplaincy ministry is an amazing experience.

We look forward to seeing you in September.



Military Chaplaincy

The Ministry of Defence welcome Assemblies of God Ministers who hold full ministerial status to apply to be Chaplains within all three branches of the Armed Forces.  Kevin Shaw represents AoG on the United Navy, Army and Air Force Board (United Board). There are three distinct stages to your application:

(1) Firstly. your application needs to be supported by AoG. You should contact Kevin Shaw in the to ensure that you meet the application requirements and that through Kevin that you have the acquired the endorsement of the National Leader. You may be invited for interview. 

(2) Application will then need to be made to the United Board who represent AoG as a Sending Church. 

(3) Following endorsement by the United Board formal application can then be made to the Armed Forces.

Kevin Shaw

United Board

Chaplaincy Foundation Course

There is growing interest in the Joint AOG/Elim Chaplaincy Foundation Course. The dates for the next course are 27 Feb to 1 Mar 2018. Further details will be released on our website when available.