Jesus was clear about His priorities during His ministry years. He chose disciples and He trained them to carry on with His work on earth after His death and resurrection. He left the Church with a mandate to ‘make disciples of all nations’. We take this command very seriously.

Jesus hasn’t called us just to attend church every now and then, or to read the Bible and pray occasionally. He doesn’t want us to settle for a religious experience but to enjoy a personal relationship with Him. He wants us to be His disciples, following His example of character and morality, expressing His love and communicating His message of forgiveness to the world.

Most AOG churches will have a Bible study group, discipleship class or a mentoring program. Others may have a Bible school, internship program or even some vocational training programs. Each church will express this priority in a different way.

As part of our ongoing commitment to training disciples and leaders for the work they are called to, we plan within the next 12 months to comission our Area training academies. These will take place across the nation at various locations with training from expert practitioners and leaders in their specified field. These training academies will be presenting a number of different modules and courses designed to help you as a person to grow in your faith and leadership development. As a movement AOG also has a national Bible college called Mattersey Hall at our National Ministry Centre in Doncaster.

For more information on any area of training please contact Debbie MacDonald at