Every week the media reports another story or reveals another appalling statistic about the crisis our young people are facing. We are committed to changing the statistics and bringing hope and encouragement to young people’s lives.

Many churches from traditional denominations throughout Great Britain have no young people in attendance at all; however that is not the case for many AoG churches. It is not uncommon to see teenagers and university students attending AoG churches.

Perhaps it’s the style of our services, or the way in which we speak about God or the quality of our youth workers that has helped attract young people. Perhaps it’s simply because we believe in the potential of a young person’s life. Investing in the next generation is a priority for us, because we realise that the future is indeed in their hands.

A lot of our churches will feature a weekly youth programme of music, entertainment, discussions about life issues, outings and the occasional retreat or camp.

For many years the Assemblies of God has led an initiative called Youth Alive, which focuses on supporting youth workers and presenting a positive life message to young people in a relatable and relevant way. Youth Alive has held large concerts, rallies, camps and training events for leaders.

If you are searching for a church that has a youth programme; use the Find a Church tab, and when you contact the church ask about their youth programme.

If you are a youth worker in an AoG church and require more information on the progress of Youth Alive in your Area please contact your Area Leader. Alternatively for support and ideas contact the Youth Ministry representative for your Area. Their contact details are as follows:

Scotland - Stu Innes

North - Luke Andrews

London & East - Stewart Elman

Central - Steven Bell