AoG Values

The National Leadership Team has set out a series of fundamental definitions that state clearly what the Vision is for the movement of Assemblies of God. These include definitions of the three core values that we aspire to be: Apostolically-Led, Relationally-Connected and Missionally-Focused:


An apostolically-led movement recognises and releases the Ephesians 4:11 gifts of Christ to equip and empower the local church to fulfil its missional mandate. It shares a common vision for the advancement of the Kingdom of God through the proclamation of the gospel, the demonstration of the Holy Spirit, and the repurposing and planting of churches.


A relationally-connected movement is built on a foundation of trust. It encourages and enjoys open and honest relationships with like-minded AoG Leaders in mutual submission, committed to meeting together frequently.


A missionally-focused movement is committed to seeing every local church fulfil the Great Commission of Jesus through their unique, God-given contribution, both locally and globally.  This involves working together in strategic partnerships to mobilise people for mission.

The National Leadership Team has also defined what is expected of a Church and Minister in the Assemblies of God:

AoG Church

An AoG Church is a Spirit-filled bible-based missional community, biblically-led and in apostolic relationship.  It determines to relate to contemporary culture and be compliant with AoG Inc. and statutory requirements.

AoG Minister

An AoG Minister is a person of exemplary character and good reputation, living a biblical and Spirit-filled life. He/She possesses a conviction about their divine calling to ministry which is acknowledged and endorsed by AoG Leadership. They are committed to the Statement of Faith, core values and the relevant training requirements, while working relationally with AoG apostolic leadership.