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identity conf cover

Join us at _IDENTITY Conference as we come together as a generation of young adults that won’t be identified by what the world calls us, but rather what God has to say about who we are. 

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Paul Garner from !Audacious Church (guest speaker)

Reg Awoliyi from Net Church

Terri Letford from Net Church

Date: 4th - 6th July 2019 

Purpose: A weekend where our young adults can come together chill, be connected and flourish and be impacted by great worship and preaching. Aimed at: Young Adults (18-30)

Instagram: @identity_ya 

Cost includes: conference entrance, accommodation and food


Zone Event

We have one event coming up for all our zones, a great morning for all our AoG leaders in London!  We have inspirational teachings from Glyn and Sophia Barrett, breakfast together, worship and a great time to connect. 

Saturday 30th March 2019 

Venue - Net Church, Spital Street, Dartford, DA1 2DL

Speakers : Glyn and Sophia Barrett

Time - 10am - 12.30pm








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