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Kingdom Trumps Vision!

Church planting brings with it many exciting but sometimes frustrating challenges. One particular challenge is the leadership of new churches and congregations.

Through a recent experience I was reminded that God will place the right people in the right place according to His Kingdom plan, not simply because we feel we need them to fulfill our vision.

I had been awaiting a response from a couple regarding the opportunity of being part of a new congregation in the town of Warrington where we are based. 3 months had passed since we emailed them our offer and I was becoming a little impatient. ‘No news is good news’ I thought. ‘At least they have not said no’ was another line that ran through my head. Christmas and New Year passed but still no answer. I started to politely question the Lord about this. ‘Why have they not responded?’ ‘Lord you know we need leaders to carry out the vision you have given us’. One evening as I was in my bathroom this conversation occurred again when Holy Spirit impressed on me, ‘Its not about your vision, its about my Kingdom. That couple will move to your town if it fits with my Kingdom plan for them, not just because you need some leaders to fulfill your vision.’

In that moment as I submitted to the thought that, the most important thing is that this couple are Kingdom placed. I had a sense of peace and joy that wherever this couple were planted, in my town or on the other side of the world, it would be right in terms of Gods Kingdom coming on the earth. It was not about what was right for me, it was about what was right for them. As I aligned myself with this truth the anxiety lifted and I no longer even desired them to come if it was not right for them and in The Kingdoms best interest!

When we align ourselves with His Kingdom best and lay our personal vision aside, He is then free to move and I did not have to wait long. The very next morning after months of waiting we received a text message from the couple that read “we had our house valued yesterday”. They were on the move to their next assignment, not because we had asked them or because it served our vision. They were on the move because it was right for them and His Kingdom.

As church planters we need to understand that God will provide all the resources we need to move His Kingdom forward. He will put His resources where it is right for them to be, not simply where we want them.

Lukas & Sarah Dewhirst are planting church in Warrington, Cheshire. They have been on this journey for 5 years with their team of 5 children.

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