The Health Check

When we planted the church in 1995 with a small group of like minded individuals, we were enthusiastic and crazy enough to try anything that was morally, ethically and theologically acceptable.

Our desire was to see a strong and healthy community of born again, faith filled and courageous believers established that would impact the world in which they lived.

At a very early stage of planting the church, we realised it was our responsibility to maintain and cultivate an emotionally healthy spirituality, that would help with longevity and build a faith legacy.

So how do you maintain and cultivate an emotionally healthy spirituality in the midst of a busy schedule and hectic lifestyle?

  1. Remain connected to God at all times through His Word and in prayer.
  2. Learn the art of contemplation, reflection and confession.
  3. Have realistic expectations of yourself and others.
  4. Discover the importance of a sabbath and work from rest.
  5. Choose your friends and ministry companions wisely.
  6. Enjoy life, have fun along the way and laugh a lot!
  7. Take your work seriously, but don't take yourself to seriously.
  8. Guard your heart.
  9. Learn to forgive and forget, and don't hold grudges.
  10. Have regular emotionally healthy spirituality health checks.

Gods plan for your lives is to burn on and not burn out!

Ian Williams