AoG Mission

The purpose of Assemblies of God Mission is to mobilise the local church for mission. In effect we are the mobilisation arm of this great movement of churches. Our focus is to help the local church fulfil their unique God-given role in the great commission. 

We provide a framework for leaders, churches, mission organisations and missionaries to serve together in order to see the gospel advanced with greater effect. Our strategies are glocal - both local and global - in focus. Without bias, we are called to make God known to every nation, people group and ethnicity. AOG Mission aims to equip and inspire members of the AoG to engage with God's mission in every area of their lives. 

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AOG has approximately 100 overseas personnel in 30 different nations and many other international partnerships in place through the work of AOG Mission and the collective reach of its local churches. If you would like to know more about the work of AOG Mission please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mission Forums

Vision without strategy is merely a pipe dream. We learn from the biblical account in Nehemiah, that having a vision, a burden and a deep passion for the transformation of a city is not enough. We need a strategy, resources and the right people (to mention a few) to complete the mission.

Our Mission Forums are designed to bring together likeminded leaders, missionaries, apostolic leaders and representatives from missions organisations to create the opportunity to share knowledge, experience, resources and contacts. We believe we are stronger together and that partnership is a key to achieving mission. Therefore we want to design projects and strategies, and take new initiatives together.

These forums are critical to our goal of become a missionally focused movement of churches. We cannot continue to just passionately preach about missions, inspire people to go, talk about the issues, pray and receive offerings. We must be strategic and intentional in our response.
Forums are being held on India, Europe, Balkans, Africa, Human Trafficking and reaching ethnic communities. Other nations and causes will be addressed in the future.
Please visit to register. It's free to attend the forums and anyone in local church leadership can attend.

What the leaders are saying:

"Stimulating, faith building and eye opening". - Steve Uppal
"Very inspiring. Received fresh vision to do better". - Ian Christensen
"Encouraged by what is being done in Africa but there is still a lot more that can be done. I think we are on the right track". - Nigel Lurrie
"It presented an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded people and discover fresh possibilities for working together to make a greater impact". - Dave Mansfield
"Connecting with big hearted people has helped me to dream bigger and reinforced the strength of the dreams I already have." - Sujith Alex

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The Team

The renewed mandate of the AOG Mission Team is to mobilise local churches. We serve the denomination by helping each local church fulfil their unique and God-given role in the Great Commission.

Each member of the team brings a unique insight, ability and capacity to help your church achieve the things that God has placed in your heart to do locally and globally.

We can help you to reassess your missions program, network with other leaders, identify strategic partnerships in other nations, offer fundraising ideas, connect you with missionaries, conduct training seminars, inspire your congregation on a Missions Sunday and much more.

Our team is Mark Wiltshire (Mission Leader AOG UK), Leigh Goodwin (Assistant to Mission Leader and West Africa Forum), Ron Hibbert (Strategic Partnerships), Eliana Whyte (Training Strategy), Vince Williams (Networking and East Africa Forum), Tony Uddin (London & East Rep), Chris Greenhalgh (Scotland Rep), Paul Counsell (North Rep), Sanjay Sanil (West Rep), Andy Dilnot (Central Rep), and Stephen Harmes (Wales Rep).  Rachel and Edward Issitt provide training support. 

The role of the Area reps is as follows: 

  • Network with leaders to promote, inspire and inform Churches regarding the priority of mission.
  • Promote AOG Mission values, objectives and implement strategies.
  • Discover the passion and mission focus of the local churches in their area; help identify, facilitate and enhance their ability to fulfil the Great Commission.
  • Represent the work and needs of missionaries in their area when appropriate.

For more information email Leigh Goodwin on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..