Incare is a branch of AOG Mission that over many years has responded to many desperate humanitarian crises around the world. Our aim is to raise and distribute funds safely, responsibly and effectively to those in greatest need. Incare represents a recognizable and proven vehicle of getting the combined donations of people out to where that practical assistance is most required. 

Donating to Incare is still a great way to respond to the global and international crises that stir our hearts. British AOG has over 100 missionaries with multiple expertise and connectivity in the nations where they work, providing an immediate opportunity and conduit for us to respond if disasters happen in the regions where they are based. We have also built great personal relationships with other mission agencies and international partners. We choose to work with people who we have trusted connection with. We assess the scope of the need and the capacity of partners to effectively respond. We simply seek accountability for the way funds are used through feedback reports. We do not demand that the AOG or Incare name is promoted on projects. The vital thing is that people in great need receive the help that they require and understand that it has been given because God loves them and wants a better future for them. 

Please read details of our current campaigns below: 


Today, the lives of an estimated 16 million people across South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia hang in the balance. They are in urgent need of food and people are dying from starvation.  Malnourished women and children are amongst the most vulnerable. According to Christian Aid, one of our key AoG partners at the time of our Nepal Earthquake Appeal, this is the worst humanitarian crisis since 1945.

Following more than three years of devastating and costly conflict, millions of people in South Sudan are without a safe place to call home. Famine has been declared in parts of this country, where 100,000 people are currently facing starvation and nearly five million people urgently need food. The situation is also grave in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia, where 14 million people are going hungry every day, caught up in the region’s worst drought in 50 years. We must act now. The situation is deteriorating quickly. 

Already, millions are going hungry and desperately need food aid if they are to survive. People like Mary Aluat. Mary and her daughter, Manut Akol, have been struggling to find food for three months, surviving on just one meagre meal per day. Consequently, Manut is highly malnourished, and despite having the appearance of a baby, she is actually four years old. Mary and her family fled their home in Barmayen village, 60km from Aweil town, Northern Bahr el Ghazal, north of South Sudan, where there is an emergency level scarcity of food. Some families are already experiencing starvation and death in this area. Working together with Christian Aid we can reach families – fathers, mothers, and children – who urgently need support, providing school meals to children, cash and food vouchers to families, and repair much-needed water sources.

We also have a long-term relationship with Bishop Isaiah Dau, who we have known since his days of training leaders at the Nairobi Pentecostal Bible College. Bishop Dau has strong local influence, is now based on the ground in South Sudan, and oversees the Sudan and South Sudan Pentecostal Church network. These churches have a desire to help but have a severe shortage of resources themselves to intervene. They have received assistance from another agency to enable the daily feeding of 150 widows and orphans at a main church compound in Juba, but want to be able to do much more. We hope to be able to assist them with specific project areas.

Many AoG churches are already raising funds. AoG InCare has direct relationships with people that can deliver these funds where most needed, directly into key, on the ground relief projects. Please act now and donate through our Famine Appeal.



The refugee crisis is continually in our headlines . An estimated 11 million people have now been displaced or killed and these numbers are growing.  Despite the media coverage about the thousands of refugees sleeping at train stations and refugee camps, or footage of desperate people jumping into trucks at Calais, it was the heart wrenching image of a three year old Syrian boy's body being carried from the sea that ignited a compassionate cry from the public in 2015.

This immigration crisis is the biggest challenge in Europe today. 220,000 people mainly children, have made the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea seeking refuge in Europe between January and June 2015. In July 2015 another 100,000 have risked their lives to find safety in nations like Germany, France and England.

Almost 5,000 Syrians have been granted asylum in the last four years and the UK has accepted 216 Syrian refugees under a scheme to relocate the most vulnerable begun in January 2014.

A petition calling on the UK to accept more refugees, has got more than three times the 100,000 signatures needed for it to be eligible for a possible debate in Parliament. However David Cameron has announced that UK will need to respond with it's 'heart and head' and do more! Plans are now underway to relocate thousands.

We likewise need to respond. Let's put the politics and blame shifting aside and respond with compassion. Let's not forget Jesus knows what it's like to be a refugee.

The Syria Appeal has been reopened! We still have all of our significant partners in Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt serving refugees and asylum seekers based in camps, which for thousands have become their homes for the last 4 years. We also have partners across Europe who will in time ask for our assistance as well as the crisis escalates.

Give your congregation the opportunity to respond through our INCARE Appeal. Please consider receiving an offering in your church this month.

Phone the AOG Finance Department on 01777 817663.



Although the world's media has understandably drawn our attention to the scenes of destruction that Hurricanes Irma and Maria brought to the Caribbean and the USA, there remains an acute need following the devastating floods that have been happening in South Asia. In particular, Bangladesh, Nepal, and India have suffered their worst floods in the past 100 years. In Bangladesh alone over 100,000 homes have been destroyed and around 8 million people’s lives have been drastically affected. This is in the context of what is already one of the world’s poorest countries.

At AOG GB we are fortunate to have great partners on the ground in this region who are credible, trustworthy and doing much needed relief work. They work alongside local churches and maximise the effectiveness of the resources that they have.  We want to be able to assist them, so we are launching an appeal through Incare to help get relief to people who desperately need it in Bangladesh and India.

The need is urgent. Unicef have reported that the floods have left 16 million children in need of emergency help. Whatever size gift your church can make will make a real difference to people in desperate need. 
You can donate directly to this new Incare appeal `Bangladesh floods' by clicking here