5 ways to reach your community this Christmas!


Life Church Wirral has been using Christmas as a practical way to meet the needs of their community for many years now and run multiple social action projects in the run up to Christmas to show the love of Jesus. Here are 5 ways that they engage with their local community.

 ‘In our local community there is so much need both seen and unseen. Christmas is an amazing time but for some, lonely and full of pressures to provide so much more than usual. We believe our faith needs to be practical and this is a way for us to show and outwork God’s love to those not just in our church but around us.’ said Rachel Partington, senior leader of Life Church.

‘We work with local authorities, school nurses and other agencies to ensure that those in crisis in our community have food and gifts to enjoy at Christmas where otherwise they wouldn't. It is humbling and incredible to see the impact that it has in those receiving the hampers and those giving them.’

Here are 5 ways that Life Church reach our community at Christmas.

1- Christmas fair
Our christmas fair is a fantastic way to engage with the community. We work with local venders who run stalls, we have a Christmas cafe serving subsidised food and provide fun and activities for kids. We see over 500 people who wouldn’t normally come to church enjoy a great day.

2 - Hampers
Christmas hampers was our first social action project and continues to grow each year. We develop a shopping list for members of the church to go out and buy and then we distribute through the local school nurses to those in need. We started with 25 hampers, this grew to 50 and this year we are set to hand out 120 hampers. There isn't an invite to church on the bag, just a note ‘with love from Life Church’. It is a really practical way to show Jesus’ love.


3 - Pamper packs
We soon learnt from our partners at local authorities that food meets a need but a lot of people don’t have any money for the everyday essential items like shampoo, deodorant so we launched pamper packs. The money for the pamper packs is raised from our christmas fair.

4 - Stuff the sleigh
We build a big santa’s sleigh and ask our church to buy gifts for boys and girls up to the age of 16. They don’t need to be huge or expensive to have an impact on a child who would otherwise get very little. Last year we also partnered with a local high school who also gave presents and together we were able to give out over 500 gifts!

5 - ‘Real’ advent calendars
This year we wanted to partner with a local primary school and give every child a ‘real advent calendar’ one that not only has chocolate but a story book which takes you through the advent story each day. We were blown away by how the church caught the vision and raised the money needed to buy 310 calendars. We have been invited by the school to do an assembly for them to teach the children the real meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is often one of the busiest times for churches, from navities to carols this season can quickly become a season of rushing around and busyness. But when we take time to remember what this time is all about, we come back to the most amazing story of hope in the birth of Jesus and the joy and peace that comes only from Him. With this in mind, Christmas can be an incredible opportunity for us to be involved, engage and impact our communities with the great news of Jesus and his love.