Looking Back on Mattersey Hall Mission 2016


Each year, students from Mattersey Hall embark on mission trips across the globe, ministering to different churches and sharing the good news of Jesus. What follows is a brief report from Rachel Field of Mattersey Hall, detailing this year’s mission trips.


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The Mission Forums Update

AOG Mission is passionate about mobilising the immense missional capacity of our local churches. The forums are a great opportunity for like-minded leaders to gather together around the idea of a missional cause or region of the world. The purpose of the forums is to stimulate greater partnership, develop effective strategies and share resources to accelerate mission that impacts the least reached and marginalised.

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Why do YOU do mission?

MA Research into the motivation for mission  is currently being undertaken Rachel Field.  She explains her focus below…

My heart has always been for inspiring and identifying people to serve in a Global Mission context. So when it came to choosing the topic for my dissertation title, there was no surprise that this passion would come into play. The dissertation I am writing, is looking at what inspires members of AoG churches to serve in a long-term Global Mission context.  It will also look at what role leaders within AoG play, in inspiring these people.

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