AOG Incare Update

AoG Incare: South Sudan and East African Famine Appeal Update

Following more than three years of devastating and costly conflict, millions of people in South Sudan are still suffering from the effects of severe famine and living without a safe place to call home. AOG Incare are continuing in partnership with two key organisations to meet the challenges of severe hunger and poverty in the nation of South Sudan.

This report includes a short video update from the South Sudan Pentecostal Churches national leader, Isaiah Dau, showing how they have used £15,000 ($20,000) of Incare funding to source food, which has been sent for distribution on the ground through their network of churches in the Juba area. This is enabling local churches to participate in the much-needed response to the acute humanitarian challenges they are encountering. The churches have specifically looked to help many of the most vulnerable including widows, orphans, the elderly and disabled.

AOG Incare video Update

Incare also continues to partner in the same region with Christian Aid.  In October, we reported that we had already sent Christian Aid £10,000 to be used for development of longer term regeneration initiatives. In this respect, the recipient target group are female-headed households in rural northern district communities of South Sudan, who have either lost their husbands during the recent civil war, or are single young mothers who fend for the entire family and are living in displacement. This group have been identified as highly vulnerable to exploitation, rape and abuse especially when in search
of food. This project is designed to build their resilience to food security and provide economic empowerment through options for sustainable income generation.

More encouraging news is that Christian Aid have also been successful in achieving government (DFID) match funding for their South Sudan Christmas appeal. This match funding will be specifically directed to help projects similar those that Incare is already linked with. Incare is also able to pass donations from AoG churches through this match funding initiative. Please notify Leigh Goodwin  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. regarding any specific donations you would like to make. Further information is given below.

Mark Wiltshire, Mission Leader