Birthday Celebrations for Keith and Elsie Monument


On March 19th, Keith and Elsie Monument were joined by a host of friends from all over the country to celebrate their 90th and 89th birthdays respectively. Keith and Elsie were overwhelmed by all the good wishes and gifts they received, and were wonderfully blessed by all those who attended their celebration at Carlton Pentecostal Church.

Several people recounted stories about Keith and Elsie, reflecting love and thankfulness for their influence on many lives and for their long years of service to the Kingdom of God. Dr David Petts spoke about God and his faithfulness, and the Carlton band led the church in worship. Afterwards, refreshments were provided, and the church members serving had never refilled the urn quite so many times at a single event!

Keith prayed a blessing for all those present, thanking our Saviour for His love and our Heavenly Father for his goodness. It was a grand occasion and the whole family wish to thank everyone who made the day so enjoyable for them.

Shirley Dudfield
Carlton Pentecostal Church