"Church is in the best place ever" - Charlotte Gambill

We spoke to Charlotte Gambill, Lead Pastor of Life Church Bradford, our conference hosts, about leadership and church life.

What do you look for in leaders?

We look for character much more than gift. We grow our team through people who are already serving in the house, who are willing. We look for heart over gifting as you can train in gifts.

How do you practically train leaders in your church?

We have a leadership college which is growing; we run part time and full time courses for people within our church and the rest of the world. Then I do a lot of staff training, and in all of our ministries we are training leaders. We are passionate about always bringing leaders through – in the youth group too. And each leader should have five people that they are bringing through.

How has your own leadership changed in the last five years?

You grow, and wear it better and become more comfortable in it. David wasn’t comfortable in Saul’s armour! I have become more certain in who I am; I can only be myself. I can’t try to impress or to be someone else. I’ve grown in my understanding that God wants to use who I am.

What are you excited about at the moment?

I am excited for everything in my church! A the momente the emergence of the next generation, and the piece of land that we have just acquired where we'll be building our leadership school. I love the hosue of God. 

What do you think God is doing at the moment in the church across the UK?

I think finally we are getting it that we are all on the same team. Even the fact that I'm here at AOG conference! I hope we keep growing and developing this, and we'll grow in strength and changing together. I think church is in the best place that it's ever been.