The next steps in Jamaica

Veron and Claire Kinkead ran projects in Jamaica for thirty-three years, planting churches, running a Bible college and ministering to those in need. Since Veron’s sad death in September Claire has continued their work and pioneered into new areas.

She said: “I was confronted with the challenge of taking care of Junction, our latest church plant, while continuing to care for the needy, but in my own way.

“As a family, we decided that we would request that funds be donated instead of wreaths at the thanksgiving service for Veron’s life. This was the beginning of the Veron Kinkead Benevolent Fund. Since then, we have been able to assist many people in South West Jamaica through our involvement in specific projects. I have been running the fund along with a small group of talented, dedicated, loving, but no-nonsense volunteers from Junction Church.”

Thus far they have sent out four monthly supplies of basic supplies to 50 elderly, disabled and indigent people, which are often received with tears of relief. As access to adequate healthcare is also a major challenge in Jamaica they have also helped some families access tests and medical treatment. They have started a school fund to help local families send their children to school and assist with uniforms, shoes and stationary.

They have also supported local families, building a house and helping start a business for a stroke victim and mother of 10 to set her up to help herself. She came to church and brought a neighbor as a result, and they were both baptized. Another woman with three children, two of whom have autism, has been helped to start a stall in front of her house selling cleaning products.

Claire said: “I am amazed at what God has been doing. From the time we started using the funds raised at Veron's funeral, the Lord kept replenishing them. I am thankful for the group of volunteers who have helped me to run the fund.

“I am also grateful for all the friends in England who support with prayers and contributions. This is only the beginning and I am excited about what the future holds.”