Here are five easy ways to bring some fun to your summer weekends!

1. Ice Cream

Ice cream is always a good thing! You could make a sundae station for people to make their own treat after church, or invite an ice cream van to come and park outside. Depending on numbers, they may give you a cut of the profits. Or you could even do a barbecue!

2. Live Music

Why not open your post-service time to relax and listen to some chilled tunes! You could get some musical congregational members to perform after your service to create a great atmosphere for people to get to know each other in.

3. Life stories

Stories of what God has done in people’s lives, whether big or small, are so effective in portraying different aspects of God and his character. Why not give over one of the preach slots to showcasing what God is doing throughout your church?

4. Get new people involved 

Plus summer is the perfect time for people to try something new! How about five up-and-coming leaders preaching five minute messages? Getting children involved in worship? Getting someone new to do announcements?

5. Experiment

Is there an idea you’ve been sitting on? Or has someone got a crazy suggestion? Now is a great time to try it… it might just work!