From Kansas to Cardiff - a church planting story

Bryan and Misty Elliott felt called by God to plant churches in the UK, and moved from Kansas to  Cardiff in 2012 to start Capital City Church in their living room, with just one other family. Now there’s a leadership team in place, ministries, mission and events happening and they’re repurposing a neighbouring church.

Bryan said: “Our strategy, which we joke about, is to just throw a lot of things against the wall and see what sticks. You have to be with the people are – Jesus was always walking with the people.

“And you have to keep encouraging the church; to be together and moving together. We work hard at keeping that at the forefront.”

The church is very committed to evangelism, and has just started their latest Alpha course. They have also been having something new happen on Sunday mornings; Bryan said:

“Recently in our Sunday services when the Holy Spirit seems to be there more strongly than in the past– there’s been some really special moments on Sunday mornings. We’ve seen a spiritual awakening in people who are usually reticent to be too much engaged. We’re believing it’s a harbinger for the future.”

The Elliot’s plan has always been to plant churches rather than one church, and with a leadership team in place in Cardiff they’re beginning to focus more and more on the church in Bedwas which they have been repurposing. It had a year and a half without a pastor, and they have been running evening services there, updating the building and mainly building relationships.

We asked Bryan for advice for people who want to plant a church. He said:

“Find a network of people to connect with – people who’ve made mistakes who can share them with you. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and don’t be afraid to try things. And pray, pray pray!”

Let’s be praying for the Elliotts and the churches in Cardiff and in Bedwas as they continue to grow and move forward.