Haiti Incare Appeal

Nearly 900 people were confirmed dead at the last count in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew’s devastation in Haiti.

The poorest country in South America has been ravaged, with aid officials saying that up to 90% of some areas have been completely destroyed, and that there are 350,000 people in need of help.

For many years AoG Mission appeals have raised urgently needed financial support for areas of the world hit by war and natural disasters.   In response to the recent devastating impact of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, AoG are working with Hope Health Action to deliver urgently needed care to the most vulnerable.

Hope Health Action (HHA) is a Christian charity passionate about facilitating sustainable, life-saving health and disability care to the world’s most vulnerable, without discrimination.  HHA seek to put the call of Jesus into reality, loving others as we would wish to be loved ourselves; bringing hope, health and action to the world’s poorest. 

HHA is involved at grass roots level and has responded immediately to the need for support in Haiti following Hurricane Matthew, the worst hurricane to hit Haiti in over 50 years.  1.4 million people are in urgent need of life-saving assistance, with 176,000 now in temporary shelters. Due to widespread flooding and the desperate sanitation situation, one of the greatest risks now facing those impacted by the hurricane is cholera.  Haiti has already been struggling with the worst cholera epidemic any single country has faced in recent history, claiming the lives of over 9,200 people.  Many local communities are now reporting that they’re seeing two or three times the number of cholera cases following Hurricane Matthew.

However, cholera can be easily treated and prevented with the right care.  In 2010/11 the cholera related mortality rate in HHAs target region in North Haiti was 13%.  Through the charity’s efforts in partnership with other groups, the cholera related mortality dropped to less than 0.5%.  This was achieved through widespread education and the distribution of hygiene materials as well as the establishment of a 250-bed cholera treatment centre.

HHA are now actively working through local partners and supporting one of the leading cholera treatment centres in South West Haiti, where Hurricane Matthew hit.  HHA has been working in Haiti for almost ten years and is uniquely positioned to respond swiftly and effectively.  In partnership with HHA, AoG churches can have a powerful impact demonstrating God’s love to the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.   Just £50 is enough to help treat and save the life of one cholera patient.  Please join with HHA in prayer and giving at this critical time for Haiti. 

Any funds raised by individuals or churches can be donated through our AoG Mission “Haiti Appeal.” Working with trusted partnerships we aim to make sure that these finances quickly reach the points of immediate need. Please click below to donate.  

Mark Wiltshire, Mission Leader