Inspire 2017 leaves leaders buzzing

“Inspire 2017 was fantastic, I’ve come home so refreshed and well inspired for the future of our movement.

“Every one of you at Mattersey were wonderful and we thank you for having us.” - David Roberts

Our teaching week at Mattersey Hall for new ministers in training was well attended, fantastic for building relationship between new leaders and packed with exciting and inspiring sessions from members of the National Leadership Team.

Stephen McGuire said: “It was phenomenal week and I was hugely blessed and inspired by all that happened. Huge thanks also to your team who worked incredibly hard throughout the week and always had smiles on their faces!”

There were around 115 leaders attending, learning and spending time together at the college, and these with the National Leadership Team went out for food to a local restaurant.

Simon Willits, senior leader of Willows Community church in Grimsby, said:  “This is my first Inspire and I have only been enrolled on training since the last Sept/ Oct period. I thought the highlight of Inspire was the connections made and warm atmosphere throughout the event.
“There was a real sense of God in the conversations that took place between sessions, making it a great forum for dreaming, strategising together and encouraging one another.
“The teaching was great and I was particularly inspired by Phil Pye's charge to this new generation of AOG ministers to make a bold and radical difference for the kingdom in our nation and beyond in challenging times.”
Attendees also got the chance to ask the NLT whatever they wanted at a Q&A session at the start of the week, and finished it by praying for the future of AOG and for the NLT at the end of a session on the history of our movement.


Matthew McCann said: “I was very grateful for the opportunity to sit under such great ministry and to hear the hearts of the NLT. We all came away fully charged!”

Paul Innes is a full time community chaplain full time running a community outreach project. He also serves part time on the local prison chaplaincy team and attends AOG Central church in Fraserburgh. 

He said: I particularly enjoyed Phil Pye's session on mission, it was straight from the heart and very relevant to the ministries I head up and am involved in."

"I have enjoyed Inspire the last two years, it's a great source of networking and relationships. 

"I appreciate how busy the NLT are and really appreciate them taking a week out to input in to and get to know all those doing accreditation. They are always very honest and make themselves available for a chat over the course of Inspire." 

You can find out more information about our accreditation training here.