"It’s difficult and an opportunity" - Ps Sameh Maurice

Pastor Sameh Maurice leads Kasr el Dobara, the first Mega Church in the Middle East, which is pioneering outreach into the whole nation and seeing incredible fruit through their outreach. We spoke to him about all they are doing, and the effects of the attacks on Christians in Egypt on the church.

More people are coming to Christ because of the trouble. If you prosecute a living church this will bring true believers. The unbelievers felt that it is all nonsense without Christ. Only Christ can give hope.

The day after the bomb more people went to church than ever before. The parents of those who died gave a great testimony in public media. People said that our Christians are made out of iron and steel – we have had this report over and over and over again. What happened cast out the sprit of fear for the believers. People were thinking, I want to be sure that I’m in church when its destroyed as I want to be with them. It’s an answer to prayer. For us it’s difficult, and an opportunity.

We have been blessed by new believers in our church; there are many in cell groups and who are being equipped by training courses. We’re going into cities and helping churches and reaching people; we’re aiming to be in 150s in seven years. It’s interdenominational; we’re working with all the Pentecostals everywhere and the Catholics. In most of these places the Catholic priests are born again. The project is going very very well.

We’re seeing many salvations. We take a team of 100 or 150 people into the city to serve on all the different teams, and while the event is on half of them go and do door to door evangelism. Then they go back the next week and do follow up with people who have accepted God, and they take us to their neighbours and families. They take us to their people; it’s a move of people getting involved in ministry every day. Our aim is to connect them to a local church in the city.  

We are also training leaders; we are training them here and here and using them here and there between front lines. We are praying against the spirit of fear and intimidation, and for deception to fall away. I think that God is bringing the church together like never before. God is shaking the world and preparing the church for battle.