King's Church Cambridge Celebration


On Sunday 17th January, King’s Church Cambridge celebrated the 90th Birthday of one of their former Senior Pastors, Ralph Inskip. It was a very special day as many of his dear family came together to celebrate this memorable milestone in his life.

Amongst the jubilant celebrations, a special tribute was made to Ralph and his wife Jean for the many years of service to the Assemblies of God in Cambridge. National Leader John Partington joined us to celebrate this monumental day as we honored God for the past and prayed for even greater years to follow.

Where it all began...

In 1965, Ralph Inskip and his dear wife Jean first began their ministry at the Hebron Pentecostal Church on the outskirts of Cambridge. With a growing congregation, Ralph took a leap of faith in 1971 by purchasing a much larger building known then as Tenison Road Baptist Chapel, at a time when the building faced potential demolishment for the building of new flats.

Throughout those early years at Tenison Road, Ralph and Jean sought to establish a thriving church that firmly held onto the grassroots of the Pentecostal movement. They always maintained their belief that God could do a great work in the lives of the people in addition to providing such a great building.

The start of their ministry was certainly not plain sailing, as Ralph took the decision to work part time in order to fulfill the costs of their new building. With a growing congregation of then around 30-40 people, they held strong to the prophetic words they’d received that one day the building would be full in number.

A legacy to follow…

In 1993 Ralph & Jean handed over the leadership role to Pastor Glenn Balfour, who later became the principal of Mattersey Hall Bible College. Following Glenn’s influential years in Cambridge, the reins of Tenison Road Chapel were then passed onto Pastor Peter Cavanna in the year 2000, who led the church through a significant refurbishment in 2013.

This was certainly a groundbreaking milestone for the church in Cambridge, and a continuing confirmation that God was truly fulfilling a ‘Haggai 2:9’ prophecy to Ralph: that the latter years of the church would be far greater than the former.

Shortly after the refurbishment of the church in 2013, Pastor Peter Cavanna followed in the footsteps of Pastor Glenn Balfour by becoming a lecturer and Pentecostal archivist at Mattersey Hall Bible College.

Looking to the future…

Following a successful leadership transition in 2013, Phil Shaw and his wife Emma currently lead King’s Church and proudly hold onto the great legacy of those who went before them with a greater excitement to what lies ahead.

Pastor Phil Shaw said, “It’s an honor and privilege to now lead a church with such a great heritage and legacy. We always acknowledge that ultimately Jesus is the one who builds the church, but it’s only through men and women who are obedient to God’s call that this can truly be facilitated. We are truly thankful to both Pastor Ralph and his wife Jean for their years of service and faithfulness, knowing that without their obedience to God, we would certainly not be where we are today”.

At 90 years old, Pastor Ralph now attends King’s Church Cambridge and continually expresses his excitement and delight for what has now become one of the most influential evangelistic churches in the world-renowned city of Cambridge.

King’s Church Cambridge