Looking Back on Mattersey Hall Mission 2016


Each year, students from Mattersey Hall embark on mission trips across the globe, ministering to different churches and sharing the good news of Jesus. What follows is a brief report from Rachel Field of Mattersey Hall, detailing this year’s mission trips.


Mattersey missions 2016 was one of the biggest college highlights of the year. The students had an incredible experience serving God, and it’s always great to see the faith of the students stretched after such an experience. The students were split into different teams and visited nine destinations across the globe. The team in Malta were ‘on fire’, as they shared the gospel! The supernatural was seen as God healed people, and a number of people gave their lives to Jesus.


Malta- church service


The teams in Iceland and Aberdeen worked closely with churches to minister to congregations. The work they were involved in was very difficult to quantify, but included kids’ work, small groups, preaching and teaching, healing seminars and one-on-one mentoring


.Iceland team led by Paul Counsell from the AoG Missions team


Aberdeen team 

The Kosovo team ran a youth camp in a context where there are very few Christians. The team’s encouragement and biblical teaching played a vital role in the youths’ discipleship.


Kosovo team with the youth


Team who visited Romania and Macedonia did a lot of work in the local communities, including playing games with the children, assisting youth clubs and talking to people about Jesus. Beverley Taylor talks about visiting the Roma site in Macedonia:

 “The conditions were very bad at the site, which was quite upsetting. We were allowed to hand out sweets and balloons to the children and sing a song that everyone joined in with. The church in Kocani provide a soup kitchen where the Roma children can have a meal. Over several mornings the team met some of the children for activities at the church, which included songs, craft, games and Bible stories.”


Macedonia-Photo 2


The Poland and Czech teams worked with newly-planted, evangelical churches in a context where being evangelical is frowned upon. The teams spent a lot of time encouraging the churches and teaching English lessons in local schools.

 Poland team doing street evangelism


Czech team doing an English Lesson


The Tenerife team had the privilege of working with the Living Waters Projects. Faith Harris, a 2nd year Mattersey student, elaborates:

“The opportunity to go out and share the love of Jesus to young people in their moments of 'escaping' or 'looking for love' was a privilege! But also a great responsibility to pray for broken people, shattered dreams and damaged lifestyles. Working alongside The Living Room Project, Rachel (a missionary with the project) and my incredible Mattersey team was a life-changing experience. It has been an honour to be involved in something bigger than myself!”


Tenerife Team with Missionary Rachel Scott


This year, Mattersey Hall was intentional in partnering with AOG Mission. The teams were hosted by long-standing, AOG missionaries, and led by members of the AOG Mission team. We were blessed to have our students work alongside key people in AOG Mission!


Rachel Field

Mattersey Hall