Looking Back on Wednesday 4th at Stronger Together 2016


Wednesday 4th May at Stronger Together 2016 included a full day of worship, teaching and equipping for attendees.

People started arriving at 9am, ready and waiting for the first session of the day to begin. After a period of worship led by Worship Central, Lisa Lyall of iKids took to the stage to talk about the iKids ministry and to emphasise the importance of having good children’s work in churches. Lisa encouraged everyone to make use of the iKids team and resources to help equip AOG churches for effective children’s work. More details about iKids, and how you can enhance your church’s children’s ministry can be found here.

Alan Hewitt was the main speaker scheduled for this session, and he taught on the necessity of being ‘missionally focussed’. Alan was keen to draw a distinction between the greater need for missional endeavours than church maintenance. In regard to mission, he spoke about the necessity for confidence in the message of Jesus, Pentecostal power, strategic thinking, possessing an ‘Antioch spirit’, courage and sacrifice, developing ‘love-soaked hearts’ and ultimately founding missional expressions on the trust in God’s ultimate triumph.


During the break after this initial session, attendees were able to browse the resources area, which featured exhibitors from various different Christian organisations across the country. These exhibits proved to be useful for many attendees, who left with new resources and connections.

The second session of the day began with the official release of the With One Voice AOG Worship EP, which has since become the number one, best-selling Christian album in the iTunes charts! Thank you to everyone who contributed to making the EP, and to all who purchased a copy after its release.


As the second session’s main speaker, Grayson Jones taught on the importance of being Apostolically Led, and reiterating the need for gifted leaders to be able to lead.

After lunch, everyone reconvened in the main hall and was given an update by Kristian Thorpe on the AOG’s church planting initiative. Kristian announced the creation of new fund dedicated specifically to church planting, with the hope that it’ll help create new churches and mission projects in communities across the country. More information to follow in due course.

After this, Steve Uppal spoke about the importance of understanding ‘the times’, boldly advancing the Kingdom of God and responding to the kingship of Jesus.


As the third session drew to a close, everyone split off to join their pre-chosen forums, with topics including a discussion about women in leadership, ‘Faith, Finance and Fundraising’ (with John Kirkby and Christians Against Poverty), and conversation about worship (led by Worship Central and Andrew Wooldridge). Each forum was well attended, and gave participants some food for thought and a healthy dose of inspiration too.

Charlotte Gambill spoke at the final session of the day, bringing a challenging message that highlighted Moses’ need to step aside to allow his brother to flourish. After this, many chose to attend a late-night worship session that extended well into the evening.

Wednesday at Stronger Together 2016 was a rather long day for all involved, but the positive feedback received thus far suggests that the day proved to be a valuable investment for attendees, as they spent time standing alongside great people working together for God’s Kingdom.

If you found Stronger Together 2016 helpful for you and your church, or if you’re enthused by this report of the Wednesday sessions, then why not consider signing up for Stronger Together 2017 and taking advantage of the early bird discount? Hope to see you next year!