How we got involved in Church Planting in Mozambique

North Area Leader Aaron Partington gives us his insights gained from participating in a church planting initiative in Mozambique.  

1.  What stimulated your Church planting interest in Mozambique?

I think for me it was more about taking our church out of their comfort zone. We can become so comfy in our own environment and wrapped up in our own programmes - which are all good and helping people-  but to go to a different part of the world where how they live can be so alien to what we are used to, but right at the very core have the same human needs for a God who loves them, was something that I wanted to do.

2.  How did you inspire your church and what was their response?

To be honest they didn't need a lot of inspiring!!! I have a very good relationship with Steve Thomas who is the pastor of an AOG church in Bollington who has now been instrumental in planting 10 churches over 10 years in Mozambique. So I brought him in for a Sunday to speak to the church and they totally got it. Even though the whole church didn't go they all felt that they were a part of what was being achieved thousands of miles away.

MozambiqueAOG - 3

Children's Ministry

3. What results have you seen in Mozambique and how has this influenced your local missional activities in the UK?

The church that has been planted in Mozambique continues to go from strength to strength, there are about 75 people that are now meeting for church on a Sunday and the church has become a focal point for the whole village. Since we have returned we have seen more people wanting to engage in missional activities and the driving force has been the team that went to Mozambique.

4. What advice would you give to other AOG churches who are thinking about becoming more missionally active?

For me, I believe that every church should be missionally active. I don't think it’s an idea that some churches do, I honestly believe it is who we are, it’s a heart thing! Each and every church should be looking to see how they can help, influence and bring love to their local community. I know that through our work at home and abroad we have seen our people become more aware that wherever they go and whoever they come into contact with they are a people "On Mission".

MozambiqueAOG - 2

The church building under construction.

Typically, in Mozambique it costs around £1,500 for a building, and around £1,000 for land.  In partnership with local Christian leaders, a pastor is found and then supported for around £100 per calendar month.  As a follow-up project, providing a bore hole for fresh water can help transform a local village community and enable modern farming initiatives.

MozambiqueAOG - 4

The finished church building.