It's kids camp season and leaders and children all over the country are heading to campsites for weeks of activities, late nights and time together.

We asked iKids leader Lisa Lyall why camps are so beneficial for kids and for our children's ministries.

1. A chance to grow closer to God
A good ministry team will enable the kids the opportunity to connect with God on their level and build on their relationship with Him.

With more space and time than on a normal Sunday, it’s a lot like adults attending a conference to be refreshed and inspired, children are renewed and often experience worship and the Holy Spirit in a new way. 

2.  Build relationships with other kids
It is a great opportunity for friendships to grow in a safe environment. Last week we had 113 children from ten churches enjoying spending a weekend together and building friendships, which also helps kids as they return to their home church.
3. Leaders connect with kids
It provides the opportunity for leaders to get to know the kids outside the church environment. Kids leaders only connect with children for a couple of hours a week, whereas a camp gives a block of quality time together.

4. Leaders connect with leaders
The leaders at Scottish iKids camp have just as much fun as the kids, leaders of all ages working together with the common goal of making the camp a success for every child. Through the experience friendships have been formed that now extended beyond camp.  

Our WhatsApp group is a great way to keep in touch, encourage one another, share ideas and celebrating wins. More and more people are meeting up during the year too, they are relationship connected, and visits to kids clubs and meeting for coffee have become the norm.

5. Great experience
The kids get to have a fantastic time, from amazing ministry times to exciting activities - it’s a time in their lives they won’t forget. 

6. Provide a service to parents and the community
For parents across your community to provide childcare and an exciting holiday experience is a real help, and can encourage people to bring their children to your ministry on a Sunday too.

Our prayers are with all those embarking on the adventure of kids camps over the next couple of months! We're believing to see kids experiencing God in a life changing way.