THANK YOU from Haiti

"We are rejoicing for your presence. It shows us our prayers have been answered. I want to thank you for displacing your team to come care for and remember the people of Gros Marin.”  

This was the response of one lady who received care from Hope Health Action (HHA) in Haiti, thanks to AoG support. 

HHA recently contacted AoG to express deep thanks for the generosity of our churches in their willingness to assist the emergency Hurricane Matthew efforts at the end of last year, with donations of over £15,000. Whilst the news has sadly forgotten this disaster, HHA have been hard at work ensuring AoG generosity is put into action.

To date HHA have directly helped over 25,000 people, providing cholera prevention activities including health education, water testing and the distribution of over 600,000 aquatabs. Of this group HHA have directly helped vaccinate 23,271 people with the cholera vaccine (which will save countless lives) and supported mobile clinics serving 5,907 people, including 928 children, providing general medical care, prenatal care and supporting patients with acute diarrhoea/cholera symptoms. The mobile teams AoG are helping to support have been amongst the first to reach some locations (driving up to six hours and hiking for a further hour), treating as many as 300 patients in one day. It is no wonder patients like Emilia greet this support by praising God and rejoicing that their prayers have been answered.

Carwyn Hill, CEO of HHA commented:

“AoG have been a direct answer to local prayers and for that we are incredibly grateful. As we give thanks for the work achieved together we would also graciously ask that you continue to remember Haiti in your prayers with the critical needs that remain.”   

By way of example, there are still over 750,000 people in need of clean water and sanitation in South West Haiti.

If you would like to further contribute to the essential work HHA are doing to save lives and rebuild communities in Haiti you can donate here.

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