The Four Photos you should take every Sunday

Having a social media presence is growing more and more important for churches! Whether you take quick snaps on a phone or have a full photography team with DLSRs and photoshop, these snaps are a good basic start to put on Facebook, instagram, snapchat or whatever you use throughout the week.

It’s always worth taking a good range of these so you can check people aren’t pulling funny faces, that the lighting is just right and you’ve got the best shot possible.

  1. The Smiles Shot

Smiles are always good! It shows that church is happy, friendly and fun. Try to get a mix of people in your shots so that everyone feels like they could fit in at your church. You could snap your hosting or refreshments team ready to welcome people to church.


2. The Worship Shot


Hands raised, guitar strumming, singing passionately… photos from praise and worship done right are the best to represent and encapsulate the presence of God. Also, they serve to remind people that church isn’t always organs and pews. Try to angle the photo so you can’t see empty chairs, and pick photos that make everyone look great.


3. The Preaching Shot


This is your chance to put a quote or soundbite from the sermon out there or to promote who is preaching another week. Make sure to take lots of pictures as good preaching faces are difficult to capture…


4. The Special Moment Shot


What is happening this Sunday that doesn’t happen every week? What special moments can the photographer capture? Some of these can be planned in advance, some might be more spontaneous!


Please remember to get written parental consent to photograph and publish under sixteens. You can find more guidance on this, copyright, safeguarding and more on our guidance section in the leaders log in. If you are not a part of the leadership or photography team at your church speak to your leader to get involved before following this advice!