The Lord is With You.

The lord is with you

It’s interesting that a number of times in Genesis 39 we read the words, “the Lord was with Joseph.”

It’s understandable that throughout the roller coaster experiences he seemed to be going through - dreams, to favourite, to pit, to Potiphar’s right hand guy, to prison, to ultimately being in charge etc. that Joseph may have found this repeated statement very questionable. If we were in Joseph’s shoes we probably would have found it difficult to accept in some of these circumstances that ‘the Lord was with us.’

I remember someone once asking the two pronged question; “What would you be willing to do if you were totally confident that the Lord was with you?”
“What would you be willing to do if you weren’t afraid.”

We need to be encouraged by the fact that God is most powerfully present even when He seems to be absent. The fact is there are times when He seems absent. Martha said, “Lord if only you had been here, was this simply a polite way of saying,‘because of your absence, our brother died?’

The truth is, the person that God is wanting us to become is rarely produced by a diet of success, success and more success, but as with the potter He is shaping us “as seemed best to him.” This is because during these roller coaster experiences temptation doesn’t usually go away, it says of Potiphar’s wife that, “she came to him day after day.” See spiritual leaders only appear to be giants to others, whereas just like everyone else they are desperately in need of God.

When it’s tough it’s important that we do what God was always challenging the Children of Israel to do, ‘Remember, Remember, and Remember.’ I recall someone once saying something like this, “If we don’t find a systematic way to remember Gods past faithfulness then we will have a hard time trusting him with our
present and future challenges.”

So remember, “the Lord was with Joseph” and He is also with you.

Ian Watson.