The Mission Forums Update

AOG Mission is passionate about mobilising the immense missional capacity of our local churches. The forums are a great opportunity for like-minded leaders to gather together around the idea of a missional cause or region of the world. The purpose of the forums is to stimulate greater partnership, develop effective strategies and share resources to accelerate mission that impacts the least reached and marginalised.

Reaching Ethnic Minorities: Glasgow 28th Sept, Wolverhampton 29th Sept. Reaching ethnic minorities “Other Faiths” in the UK is a compelling consideration. We cannot ignore this important theme if we desire to be truly relevant and inclusive in our local church missional objectives regarding our multi-cultural communities that we serve. The Ethnic Minorities forum was one of the largest attended in 2015 and we anticipate strong interest this year.

Picture: People from ethnic minority backgrounds often have a far stronger association with being British than others in the population.

India: Our next India Forum will take place at Wellspring Church in Watford on 15th September.  We will specifically explore issues and opportunities across the Indian sub-continent.  This will be an exciting development on the forums held previously and involve Empart, Christ for India and other key relationships.  Contact Tony Uddin for more information.

Israel: Our next Israel Forum will take place on 24th September and will again build on previous successes.  Please register on the AOG website or directly with Mark Starbuck.

M2M: "Maintenance to Multiplication" forums in Scotland and the West Areas have been a great success.  Ian Williams reports that our aim is “…to recognise the passions of local churches for mission and through conversation and collaboration stir a missional theme that will bring significant change to the villages, towns and cities.”  We will be establishing dates for the North, Central, Wales and London Areas in the near future. Please contact your Area Mission representatives for details.

Balkans and Central Europe: Previous UK Forums have triggered relational connections between key Central European countries including Germany and Poland, who are now both actively developing partnership links with the Balkan nations. We therefore hope to schedule another UK event in London during mid-autumn to include these updates.

More information, and booking details can be found on the AOG website here.

If there is a new mission forum theme that stimulates your interest and you believe could inspire mobilisation of other local churches, then contact us at AOG Mission. Email