Three easy ways to use social media to grow your church

Social media can be a really useful tool to build community, awareness and an atmosphere of expectation around all that you are doing as a church. Mixing the following three elements into your social media personally and as a church will help you to be effective!

1. Tell your story

Social media gives us the chance to show the world who we are without paying a penny. Your photos and content allow you to display all the great things your church does. From friendly smiling faces to a local community project to kids having the best time in children’s church (though check permissions for legal use of these pictures) your pictures can open up your church to people who would never see it otherwise.

Make sure to take and post pictures of any exciting things that happen in the life of the church, and encourage your teams and members to share your posts too so that all their contacts see it too.

TIP: Check out our article The Four Photos you should take every Sunday for some great content ideas.

2. Encourage people

It’s so easy to hit ‘like’, ‘retweet’ button or, even better, to leave a quick comment telling someone they’re doing great. Instantly they feel loved, appreciated and connected to you and to the church. Obviously it’s not as good as a face to face interaction, but it still goes a long way - and social media allows us to do it on a far greater scale than ever before.

Plus you can dedicate some of your content to honouring and thanking volunteers and members of teams: this encourages your team plus helps people to get to know the church. 

TIP: Short but genuine comments are perfect; and from your personal accounts as well as the church ones.

3. Promote events

If you’ve been building up an audience who are interested in your church by doing the things above it means you’ve got a group of people who are perfect to advertise your events to. By posting photos, information and videos you can create excitement for what is coming up and invite people to be a part of it. 

Promoting time limited special deals is also great through social media as it lets people think they’ve accessed something secret, and also catches them in that exact moment when they could do something about it.

TIP: Try to keep each post really focussed on one aspect of the event both to give you lots of content and to catch different people’s attention.

Social media should always be used within the guidelines or policies of the church or organisation it is used for, and take due notice of copyright and safeguarding law (check our guidance section for more details). If you are not a part of the leadership team or social media team, speak to your church leader to get involved before following these tips.