Update from John Partington in Brazil

As Grayson and I visit Brazil for the World Pentecostal Fellowship Conference and Advisory Meetings​,​ the area that we are staying in is very poor and dangerous. 

The political scene has changed dramatically from three years ago when Brazil was chosen for this conference. And as you may have heard when Grayson and I arrived here the President of Brazil was overthrown and his Vice President put into office.  ​

Certainly things are tense in this ​N​ation at the moment. But we serve a God that is faithful and have been blessed​ ​to attend the World Pentecostal Conference over the last few days where over 5000 delegates have booked in with night rallies where over 50,000 people were gathered!

Myself and Grayson are going through discussions of the transition of National Leader and these are going very well. 

Have a great week and please uphold us and the World Pentecostal Conference up in your prayers

John Partington 
National Leader