Why do YOU do mission?

MA Research into the motivation for mission  is currently being undertaken Rachel Field.  She explains her focus below…

My heart has always been for inspiring and identifying people to serve in a Global Mission context. So when it came to choosing the topic for my dissertation title, there was no surprise that this passion would come into play. The dissertation I am writing, is looking at what inspires members of AoG churches to serve in a long-term Global Mission context.  It will also look at what role leaders within AoG play, in inspiring these people.

I knew that British AoG had a heritage of Global Mission, but I didn’t realise to what extent until I started digging. Within a year of AoG officially starting they had already adopted over 60 missionaries – which nearly made one Global Missionary for every local church. A number of people (Leigh Goodwin, John Andrews, William Kay, and Anne Dyer) have already looked at the historical roots of AoG and its Global Mission heritage. I will be drawing on their studies to compare it to post 2000 AD Global Mission activity within AoG.

I have already contacted missionaries that have been sent out since the year 2000, to hear about what inspired them to serve. It has been an absolute delight to see the number of missionaries serving under the AoG banner – which disproves the perception that there has been a decline in the interest in Global Mission.

I will be phoning church leaders over the next couple of weeks to try and understand the culture of their churches and their heart to mobilise missionaries. If you would like to contact me directly please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The scope of the dissertation does not allow for me to look into people serving in a local mission context. However, when interviewing the missionaries, it will be interesting to note, how much serving in a local mission context has influenced their heart for Global Mission.

Thank you to National Leader John Partington, and Mission Leader Mark Wiltshire for allowing me the pleasure of doing this study within British AoG.