Why we brought the whole team to our area conference.


Lukas Dewhirst and his wife Sarah lead Life Church in Warrington and they brought twenty of the team from their church to Identity, the North Area conference.


Lukas said: “It was really helpful for the team to feel a connection to AOG, and not just through me, I wanted to push the connection to AOG further down into the church and it worked, a lot of them captured the heart of the AOG. It was worth the trip over just for that. 


“It was great to take them to something that was well done and good.”




Lukas and Sarah planted Life Church in Warrington three and a half years ago, they currently have two congregations and are starting a new one on Easter Sunday next year. Lukas said that Scott Wilson’s messages on context were really encouraging to him and his team in their vision:


“Scott said don’t compare yourself to others because your context is completely different. Our church is in a town. He said to look at percentages rather than numbers, and encouraged us to celebrate what is happening in our churches. It was really affirming for our leaders.”


“Scott also spoke about what makes people stick to a community. A lot of the time as church leaders we think new people should get into a life group then they’ll be fine. But Scott spoke about the space in between those stages: socialisation. Simple communityand building relationship with people. 


“In our church we’re going to look at that again, and create something intentional for connecting people to our community before they’re ready to go to a life group.”


The couple also brought two of their children who joined the ikids day with 35 children, which Lukas said they really enjoyed, making it a great day for all the family. Lukas added: “People left with a sense of that was time well spent, a good investment of time and money. They are really looking forward to the next one. A great day!”


The conference was held at Legacy church, and we spoke to North Area Leader Aaron Partington about what he had been hoping for for the conference.




He said: “A celebration, all the churches in the North coming together. My hope for the North area, and all areas, is that it brings us together, that people would be inspired, equipped and challenged. 


“That they would go away with a greater understanding of what they were a part of and of building connections with churches and people in the North area. I think we achieved that!”