Young Lions 2015

For the last 12 years AoG has been training the next generation of young leaders through a revolutionary project called Young Lions. This is a leadership development and assessment boot-camp, where positive peer pressure and the power of an unfamiliar environment puts delegates through their paces and into situations that force them to draw on their skills and abilities. There comes a moment in every young leader's life where they decide to live purposefully, taking responsibility rather than waiting to be told: this is it!


  We're looking for pastors and youth pastors to recommend young people with enthusiasm and potential. Often there are young people in churches and youth groups who are driving people crazy -- they're loud and influential without realising the power of their words and actions. Sometimes they are the quiet but confident 'dark horse' of the group. Either way, we have many success stories of people who were a huge risk for leaders to recommend, but who came through with flying colours. They'll be trained in various different settings and challenged in ways that they couldn't necessarily be in their local church. They're constantly assessed and a report is produced and then sent back to the church leadership with observations and recommendations from one of our proven leadership coaches, who will have acted as their personal coach for the weekend.


We're also looking for coaches. Coaching delegates at Young Lions is as much a test for the coach as it is for the delegates. It requires strategic thinking, keen observation and judgement, reserves of energy and brutal honesty. Is your youth pastor willing to go the extra mile over the course of three days? Late nights, early mornings, few breaks and constant personal challenge make this a faith adventure not to be missed! Future leaders need present mentors, and if the youth pastor at your church has a proven ability in this area, then he or she could help us.


Young Lions is a key part of AoG’s national training strategy. We've had the privilege of National Training Leader, Grayson Jones, overseeing Young Lions for the last few years:


‘Young Lions is a unique and powerful training tool for young leaders that helps them to not only grow in wisdom and knowledge, but to understand themselves better as people. At Legacy church we have put dozens of our youth through this training, many completing the full three year process. Today many of our younger leaders look back at the things they learn and
the relationships they developed while at Young Lions and can pinpoint things that have helped them to be what they are today. I cannot recommend Young Lions enough as it helped shape my own four children into the leaders they are today’.

Grayson Jones


Everything you need to know is on our website. Here you'll find information on how to be a part of this incredible leadership development opportunity. Further event details are below, so please put them in your diary and pass them on to whoever makes things happen in your youth department.


Young Lions XII
20th – 22nd November 2015 Pioneer Centre, Kidderminster (Central Region)
4th– 6th December 2015 Carroty Woods, Tonbridge (London and East Region)


Please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you need any more information.


Paul Reid
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