Young Lions Central

Young Lions Central

In the last weekend of November Youth Alive Central ran their Young Lions Bootcamp, here’s what they got up to…

Young Lions 2107: Training the next Generation to lead - Because it works.

We all have that one kid in our youth ministries and church who is oozing with potential but can’t yet see it themselves, and because we love them, we are dying to find out how we can release their mega potential; this is where Young Lions works for us all!

While there are tons of youth conferences, festivals and retreats out there. There is nothing quite like Young Lions. The closest thing to describing it is ‘emerging leaders Bootcamp’, and even then this does not do it justice in how three days with the Lions can shape you.


When our Young Lions arrive on the weekend, they are all out of their comfort zone, yet in the same boat. They are paired with a personal coach who will help guide, shape and feedback character observations over the three days. Each year group has relevant break out sessions aimed at their personal growth, and then several joint sessions that are encouraging and life-shaping, receiving formative and experienced ministry.

Our year 1’s and 2’s are put through their paces physically in outdoor challenges that push them to their limits. During the weekend they each receive teaching on their personalities, gifting and call. Each year the weekend is punctuated with a time of prophecy and encouragement in who God is shaping them into.

On the last day, we have each year group reflect on all the challenges that have grown them in such a short space of time. The weekend finishes with us graduating the 3rd years who receive their commemorative dog tags for their grit, determination and unlocked qualities.


Now more than ever we need a generation taking up the mantle of leadership. This is the dream of Young Lions, to see wave after wave of leaders crashing onto the beaches of life.

"Inspired, strengthened, equipped, disciplined, stretched and encouraged are only some of the words that I can use to describe Young Lions. It is by far the best experience for developing potential young leaders in their journey with Christ.” - David Sandhu

We push them physically to see what comes out in those tired moments, helping identify heart and attitude. In their coaches sessions there is space for them to explore their character, and often they begin to change their attitude towards serving and leading. Many realise they can do more than they thought, and most begin to take on a servant-hearted, team perspective of leadership.

"It's incredible to be able to send your emerging leaders to something where you know they will grow and come back more equipped and ready to lead than ever.” - Hannah Westwood


Send your best 16-21-year-olds to Young Lions next year. Not just because we want to see a full weekend, but because we believe in investing our very best in their lives. After the weekend, you get sent an in-depth report on their character giving you a snapshot of everything we have seen; the good, the bad and the ugly. All of which can be used to mentor and train them in your church over the year. Every year they progress, we see the incredible growth in each person.

Why not invest in your young leaders and send them to one of our Young Lions Bootcamps. Tools to #ShapeYourself 

Steve Bell
Youth Alive Central Area Leader