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  • title imageLeaders, have you noticed how certain topics and issues find a current emphasis when the Holy Spirit is seeking to say something clearly to The Church. The challenge of being outward focused in our churchmanship is strong in this season.  Why is this? Because it is so easy to move away from our original purpose for existing.

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Vision Offering 2014

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This year we are going to be taking up a special ‘Stronger Together Visionary Offering’. You may remember that four years ago I took a special offering and said at the time that I would not take another one during that term of office, and I have remained true to my word. Having been appointed to this second term of office, I believe this year’s exceptional offering will give us a solid financial footing from which we can launch key activity and turn our inspirational vision into reality!

We have already seen tremendous transformation in the culture of AOG and great and positive developments in all areas. Your financial support will ensure that Church Planting, Mission and Training will be high on our agenda for the next few years within Assemblies of God.

In 2013 we had the inspirational Annual Leadership Conference in May, the first joint accreditation and commissioning “Release” event at the National Ministry Centre in June, the smooth implementation of the bespoke training process “Fit to Lead” in September, the awesome Prophetic Conference in October, the Mission Forums in November and December, with more planned in March & April this year, and with our Church Planting work ongoing, the progress we are making is outstanding. None of this would be possible without Fellowship support. But we can do even more than this!

I am asking for Churches and individuals to pray and consider giving £1000 into this vision offering. If this is too much, why not join with another Church to raise this amount? Or simply give what you can and support our vision for exponential growth through mission, church planting and re-purposing and training.

You can give online here today!


AoG is now a movement of around 600 churches in Great Britain, and has a growing number of links, not only with the Assemblies of God worldwide, but with other partner organisations.

AoG also has had a rich history since 1924, and throughout its past has been richly blessed by God, seeing numerous churches either founded under AoG or join with AoG for one or more generations.

AoG recognises that ongoing financial provision from its member churches is key in continuing to support church planting, repurposing or growth in this generation, and also to create a legacy for future generations. It understands that churches who have moved on from their original AoG affiliation would expect to provide a legacy for their own church. However, it also hopes that those who were birthed by AoG or grew under the umbrella of the Assemblies of God will continue to recognise and remember their affiliation, the strength and attributes they developed whilst in relationship with AoG, and the encouragement and support that they received at that time.

Remember - cash gifts left to a charity are not charged Inheritance Tax. AoG Inc is a charity.

Leaving an individual legacy

Legacies are a lifeline for churches and Christian organisations. Each year over 5,000 people leave a gift in their wills to a Christian church or organisation. In total, over £50 million is left in legacy gifts each year – gifts to finance mission projects, maintain beautiful church buildings and grow faithful communities.

For many people, leaving a gift in their will is a final opportunity to make a lasting gift to God. It is also a way to make a lasting difference to the future of their church and community.

Therefore for those churches and individuals who may also wish to leave a legacy for the movement of Assemblies of God we have the following advice:

For individuals considering such a legacy through a will or bequest, the significant advantage is that any cash gifts left to charity are not charged Inheritance Tax, and as AoG is a charity, it could be considered for such a provision. An example of wording that could be inserted into a person’s will would be:

"I give free of inheritance tax [the sum of £... ] [...% of the residue of my estate] to Assemblies of God Incorporated of National Ministry Centre Mattersey Hall Retford Road Mattersey DN10 5HD (registered charity number 1032245) absolutely for general purposes [ and I express the wish that this gift is applied for the purposes of i.e. Church planting/training/mission work] and the receipt of the secretary or other proper officer for the time being of Assemblies of God Incorporated shall be a complete discharge to my Executors". Please be aware that this particular wording may not "fit" with your Will and it is always best to take legal advice.

For any church considering contribution through donation, whether at the time of a specific appeal or otherwise, please write to the National Ministry Centre or set up a regular or on-off standing order or BACS payment to Assemblies of God Inc. General Account, Sort Code: 20-63-25, Account Number: 40125784, Address: Barclays Bank, 2 High Street, Nottingham, NG1 2EN.

Church Legacy

For Churches within AoG it is fully recognised that each and every Church that has adopted the model constitution is an independent and autonomous charity. AoG would ask that in the event of a Church deciding that it is a proper time to dissolve the Church then, in addition to the requirements under the model constitution to deal with the dissolution in a proper and orderly manner, AOG would also ask the Church Council after ensuring that all their debts have been duly satisfied, that the distribution of any surplus funds includes consideration as to whether all or part of such funds should properly be paid across to AoG further the works of AoG both nationally and internationally.

We recognise that what we do today and the legacy we leave tomorrow will impact greatly on the future. Our prayer is that through such financial legacies, funds provided will be an important way for the creation of new ministries and the planting of new churches now and in the future.

As we sai before,  cash gifts left to a charity are not charged Inheritance Tax.

For more information contact the National Ministry Centre on 01777 817663 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..