Young Lions

For nearly 20 years, Young Lions has been instrumental in developing the next generations of AoG leaders.

Young Lions is a bootcamp style weekend for young leaders. It is designed to offer a unique mixture of ministry, teaching, coaching groups & practical challenges. Young Lions is a weekend that produces incredible results in the lives of the delegates & coaches. Our Nation needs young leaders who know God, know themselves, and are equipped to further His Kingdom wherever they are. Our Nation needs Young Lions.

For the first time in its history, Young Lions is going Online!

On Saturday the 17th April 2021, we will be running a Young Lions experience on YouTube and Zoom. The day will feature all of the key components of Young Lions; ministry, year group sessions, coaching groups and more. By booking in, as well as your ticket, you will receive a Young Lions Tee and info pack! It's going to be an incredible event for Delegates and Coaches that you won't want to miss out on!

Apply For Young Lions

To book, your booking must be endorsed by a Church leader who we will contact after receiving your application.

Young Lions FAQs

Young Lions 2021 was planned to be over three weekends, however due to Coronavirus restrictions, it will be online. The day will be a mixture of YouTube and Zoom sessions and will feature a mix of all things that make Young Lions what it is.
What’s Young Lions all about?

We believe that the church needs to have a ‘wave after wave’ approach to developing leaders; understanding that the second we stop investing in those coming after us, we’re a generation from dying out! Young Lions plays a part in that, exposing young people to what leadership is, that there is a call on all of us to lead where we are, and to take responsibility to shape ourselves into the image of Christ.

How long has Young Lions been running?

Young Lions 2020 will be the 18th year that it has run! Over these years, we have seen hundreds of young people discover the call of God for their life and be released into leading in all areas of life! We have Young Lions who are leading & planting Churches, raising families, actors, sports men & women, and loads more!

Who is Young Lions for?
You can start the first year of Young Lions between the age of 16-19. Young Lions is for those who have found Christ and are beginning their journey of leadership. We don’t just want polished ‘got it together’ young people; if they love Jesus and there’s just a chance they could do incredible things for Him, send them! To coach, you must be an experienced leader who has a passion to see young leaders develop.
What does a Young Lions Weekend Look Like?

The Young Lions weekend is not your typical youth weekend away. It’s a unique training, development and assessment boot-camp! Positive peer pressure and the power of an unfamiliar environment will put delegates through their paces and in to situations that will force them to draw on the skills and abilities that they have.

The weekend is loaded with teaching sessions, encounter sessions, smaller coaching group sessions and a physical session. Every element has been designed and honed over the years to provide the most impact a weekend can offer!

On arrival, delegates will be split into small groups and assigned a coach for the weekend. Coaches are either graduates of Young Lions, or Youth Pastors & leaders attending with their young people. The role of the coach is to accompany the delegates through the weekend, and also to complete an assessment form at the end to be sent back to the delegate’s Church. This is an awesome discipleship tool for their leaders.

Young Lions is 3 weekends over 3 years; each year containing different elements of the leadership journey.

Coaching at Young Lions

For a better understanding about what coaching at Young Lions looks like click here.

I’m the older end of 16-19, can I jump straight into year 2/3?

Every Young Lions delegate must start from 1st year, the experience is incomplete without it!

How safe is Young Lions?

All leaders involved in making Young Lions happen are DBS checked and recommended by their home Church. Activities are risk-assessed and supervised, and appointed first-aiders are on site at all times. The outdoor physical does involve some physical activity, but nothing that could put someone at risk.

Young Lions Online 2021 is a one-off replacement for our unique Young Lions Bootcamp weekends. Although it will contain many of the things that make Young Lions what it is, we don't believe that you can complete a year of Young Lions without the weekend experience. So attending Young Lions Online 2021 will NOT count as a year of Young Lions: If you attend as a 1st year, you will still be 1st year in 2022, Year 2 & 3 as well.
At the booking page, you have the option to 'add a booking' to each booking you make. If you are a Church leader looking to book your delegates in you can use this option. Give us a call if we can help you in any way with this.

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